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  • Teen girl among 5 arrested as police cripple vehicle theft ring

  • Melaram motosikal curi sejak Januari, remaja 15 tahun diberkas

  • Court rejects insurance claim for tractor theft due to owner’s negligence

  • Curi lori bekas majikan guna kunci pendua

  • Toyota Hilux most stolen car in 2022

  • Cops smash 4WD vehicle theft syndicate with arrest of duo

  • Miri police dismantle burglary and vehicle theft gang, four arrested

  • Police arrest car theif who drove away with six children on board

  • Recycled market facilitates disposal of stolen vehicles.

  • 1225 people arrested for vehicle theft in 4 months, say police

  • Cops bust 30-year-old syndicate modifying stolen lorries to avoid detection

  • Sindiket ubah nombor casis lori dibongkar

  • Polis tangkap 1,225 individu curi kenderaan, nilai rampasan RM20.3j

  • Duo nabbed less than an hour after stealing 4WD vehicle

  • Cops cripple car theft syndicate, six men arrested

  • Hike in vehicle spare parts thefts due to high demand, chips shortage

  • How thieves are stealing your ride and what you can do about it

  • Dua remaja dalang curi motosikal ditahan

  • Thai police officer arrested with a car stolen in Malaysia

  • Dua lelaki ‘rembat’motosikal jemaah di masjid diberkas

  • Digital vehicle licence plates will help prevent car theft, reduce congestion at toll plazas – road safety experts

  • Police to test new QR code vehicle theft prevention system

  • curi kenderaan di Petaling Jaya meningkat sebanyak 20.7 peratus

  • Go ‘old school’ to protect your car

  • Proton Wira is ‘most stolen vehicle’

  • Risky trip to Thailand to get back cars

  • Frustration of losing your car and perils of getting it back

  • Stuck with loan and fines – but no car

  • Laws needed to regulate peer-to-peer rental business

  • Thieves now rent and run

  • Five suspects nabbed over luxury car theft

  • Luxury cars worth close to RM 1 million reported stolen

  • Some cloned vehicles are from ‘neighbouring country’

  • Tiga lelaki diberkas angkara curi komponen kereta milik pelanggan

  • House break-in, luxury car theft gang busted, five arrested

  • Police nab four ‘Hitam Putih’ gang members

  • How thieves are stealing your ride and what you can do about it

  • Kereta dicuri di Selangor, ditemukan di Langkawi

  • Selangor police solve 10 lorry theft cases, 10 nabbed

  • 18 vehicle theft cases solved with arrest of nine men

  • Ribuan kenderaan diperiksa operasi besar-besaran di PJ

  • Pemilik bengkel cat kenderaan disyaki curi komponen kenderaan


  • Police Cripple two vehicle theft gangs in Pahang

  • Dua lelaki ditahan disyaki terlibat sindiket curi Hilux

  • Baru bebas tahanan POCA, buat onar lagi

  • Polis tumpas sindiket curi lori, tahan 3 individu

  • Terpedaya iklan jual kereta, rugi RM 13,760

  • Kastam rampas alat ganti kenderaan bernilai RM 1.1 juta

  • Vehicle theft ring crippled, 14 cases solved

  • Polis buru Ahli Geni Epul BBS aktif curi kenderaan

  • Diberkas ketika lerai kenderaan curi

  • Millions lost to car ad scams

  • Burglary and vehicle theft gangs ‘Lee Honda’ and ‘Aqil” crippled.

  • Curi kenderaan untuk guna alat ganti

  • Man nabbed for lodging false report over car theft to use insurance claim for wedding

  • Carjacking in KL foiled by fellow motorists, suspect detained

  • 1,215sindiket curi kenderaan ditahan

  • One vehicle stolen every 1 hour 15 minutes in Malaysia

  • One vehicle stolen every 1 hour 15 minutes in Malaysia

  • One vehicle stolen every one hour 15 minutes in Malaysia, says vehicle theft reduction council

  • Malaysia vehicle theft down 37%

  • 20 kenderaan dicuri setiap hari

  • anggota sindiket curi Kenderaan ditahan sejak 2016

  • One vehicle stolen every one hour 15 minutes in Malaysia

  • Vehicle theft down by 37% in 2020, but cops warn public to beware of ‘evolving’ thieves

  • Vehicle thefts reduced by 37%

  • Kes kecurian kenderaan menurun sejak PKP

  • Kes kecurian kenderaan menurun 37 peratus tahun lalu

  • Vehicle theft down by 37% in 2020, but cops warn public to beware of ‘evolving’ thieves

  • Man steals police’s Honda Civic patrol car to impress girlfriend, three arrested

  • Geng William tumpas selepas 13 tahun 

  • Suspect arrested after stolen vehicle engines found in workshop

  • Geng Kokak 2020 didalangi pasangan kekasih tumpas

  • Serving police cripple shoplifting syndicate, motorcycle theft ring

  • Geng KTM dalangi lebih 100 kes curi motosikal tumpas

  • Teen robber in stolen car killed in Johor crash

  • Police nab suspected car thief in Shah Alam

  • ‘Datuk’ nabbed at MCO roadblock, vehicle theft tools seized

  • KK police bust stolen-vehicle gang with a series of raids

  • M-cycle theft hit B40 hard




  • KPN terima kunjungan hormat daripada delegasi VTREC

  • Police cripple high-tech car theft ring

  • Luxury car theft syndicate busted, RM5mil of vehicles seized

  • Sindiket curi, lerai kenderaan tumpas

  • LOCK UP – The best steering wheel locks you can buy for your car in 2019

  • Cross-border luxury car theft ring crippled, gang leader arrested


  • Selangor car theft ring busted as cops nab 12 suspects

  • Geng Ah Ho aktif cari kenderaan lumpuh


  • End of the road for ‘3-di’ car theft gang


  • Cops smash ‘push-start’ car theft syndicate

  • Ah Heng gang nabbed in Penang for stealing keyless cars

  • Vehicle theft reduction collaboration sees results

  • Top 10 most stolen vehicles in Malaysia in Q1 2019-Proton Wira on top, Toyota Hilux highest non-national

  • PDRM Vehicle Theft Awareness Campaign 2019 launched – raising awareness to reduce theft

  • Police bust car theft gang with arrest of four

  • Dicuri untuk alat ganti, komponen

  • Four men arrested for stealing motorbike belonged to cop

  • KL cops cripple two burglary and car theft syndicates, gang leader arrested

  • Curi kereta 3 minit

  • Cops bust Penang motorcycle theft gang

  • Police smash luxury car theft syndicate

  • Cops bust robbery gang behind spate of break-ins and car thefts in Klang Valley

  • Sindiket Palsu Tuntutan Insurans Tumpah

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.43.35 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.43.30 PM

  •  Wira, The Choice of Car Thieves

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 1.34.56 PM Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 1.35.05 PM

  • Curi Motor, Jual Pada Warga Asing

    Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.33.04 PM

  • Car-jacking gang bites the dust as police seize 10 stolen luxury cars

  • Cops nab gang who stole 10 luxury cars

  • Sempat Pintas Kontena Hala Singapura

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.52.48 PM Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.52.54 PM

  • 24 jam ‘tempoh panas’ seludup kereta curi

  • Car thieves have gone high-tech

  • Polis tumpu jenayah curi motosikal yang meningkat9.2 9.2 (1)

  • IGP: Malaysia-Thai police collaboration decreased car smuggling activities significantly


  • No Big Syndicate Involved In Vehicle Theft In Malaysia – Police

  • Drop in vehicle theft cases in six-year period

  • Jenayah seludup kereta mewah menurun12.1 - Copy 12.1 2 12.1 3


  • Thailand tumpas sindiket curi kereta Malaysia10.1.2017 10.1.2018 (20

  • Competitive motor insurance premiums30.6

    30.6 (2)30.6 (3) 3

  • Flexible premiums for motor insurance come July 25.4.2017 1 25.4.2017 2


  • Liberalisation of Motor Insurance

    20.4.2017 20.4.2017 (2)

  • Sindiket Curi Kereta Tumpas, 20 Kenderaan Dirampas.


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  • ‘Use of security laws on duo not abuse of power’ 

Light moment: Khalid (left) meeting with the recipients of the VTREC appreciation letters at the Sime Darby Convention Centre.

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  • Penghargaan VTREC Kepada PDRM.

KUALA LUMPUR – 13 Oktober. Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) telah berjaya menurunkan kes curi kenderaan dan kejayaan tersebut dicapai dengan menggunakan pelbagai strategi yang berkesan untuk mencegah kes curi kenderaan termasuk operasi antara agensi dan kerjasama dengan pihak berkepentingan yang lain…” (click paper cutting for more)

dato khalid

  • Putting the breaks on car theft.

According to  Mohd Yusof Idris, the co-ordinator for the vehicle theft reduction council (VTREC) of Malaysia, a non-profit organisation set up by the insurance industry:  “This year, with the collaboration of PEMANDU, we have seen an increased and a more structured effort taken by all our stakeholders (including PDRM, Road Transport Department, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or JPJ, Customs and the insurance industry) in our approach in tackling vehicle theft…” (click paper cutting for more)

Car Theft article 17 May visual-page-001

  • “The different views of crime” – Malaysian car theft reduced by 20%


Big Achievement:
Car Theft (which is also part of the crime index) came down by 20% for the first time since 2009.  Prior to this, one car was lost every 30 minutes –  that means about 17,000 cars per annum. In a developed country down south, they lost one car every 10 minutes. (click paper cutting for more)


  • If Your Car Is Towed…

KUALA LUMPUR:  If you park your car at an unauthorized place in the city and find it missing upon your return, if could have been towed away… (click paper cutting for more)

If your car is towed

  • Man Detained Over Stolen

Luxury Car IPOH:  Police have arrested a 41-year-old man with seven previous conviction on Sept 3 and recovered three stolen luxury vehicles… (click paper cutting for more)

man detained 22:9

  • Car Theft Suspect Held

SHAH ALAM:  An unemployed man, who is believed to be a member of a luxury car theft syndicate operating in the Klang Valley, was detained by police… (click paper cutting for more)

car theft 22:9 copy


  • Five Cops Arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: A stolen car driven by a policeman uncovered a can of worms when five personnel attached to the federal CID and Special Branch were arrested for vehicle theft… (click paper cutting for more)

five cops 22:9 copy