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Let’s face it! Any Car Can Be Stolen.

Some take longer, but most can disappear in as little as 60 seconds.  Prevent this from happening by using multiple security measures to make your vehicle difficult to steal.  The National Insurance Crime Bureau of the United States recommends a “layered approach” to car security.  The layers vary according to your vehicle and exposure to risks and will be determined by your budget and personal preferences.



Your car may be a thief’s next target, so minimise the risk by installing these four layers of security. It’s a minor investment for a major peace of mind.

Level  1 – Common Sense
Use common sense. Avoid driving or parking in areas where you don’t feel safe. Secure your car, even to brief
periods and always:

  1. Remove keys from the ignition
  2. Lock all doors and windows
  3. Park in a well-lit area
  4. Never Leave valuables in plain view

New Car Buying Tips-What to Look Out for When Buying your First CarLevel  2 – Warning Device
Install audible or locking devices like these in your car to deter thieves:

  1.  Audible alarms
  2. Steering Wheel/Brake Pedal/Gear Locks
  3. Theft deterrent stickers
  4. Identification markers – etching or sandblasting

Level  3- Immobilising Device
Electronic devices can prevent thieves from bypassing the ignition or hot-wiring your car. So use:

  1. Smart keys
  2. Fuse cut-offs
  3. Kill switches
  4. Starter, ignition and fuel disablers

Level  4 – Tracking Device
Install a tracking device in your car so that you, a central monitoring system or the authorities can track, monitor

and recover it easily.