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ONLINE SCAM:  Beware of Cheap Vehicle Offers

Millions Lost to Car Ads Scams.

Public to Be Cautious When Buying Vehicle Online, Online Vehicle Scams Are on The Rise

Pix:  Carlist.my


How Scammers Work to Commit Fraud?

  1. The syndicate would advertise the sale of imported vehicle on social media.
  2. The price offers lower than the market rate.
  3. Buyer were told to transfer money to the syndicate’s account, various reasons will be given by them.
  4. However, after the payment was made, the victim would not receive the vehicle.


How to Avoid Online Car Ads Scams?

  1. Stop.  Be cautious when purchasing vehicle online.
  2. Do not easily believe ads offering cheap vehicle.
  3. Check the latest used-car market price for the car/vehicle.
  4. Go to the company selling the vehicle.
  5. Inspect the vehicle.
  6. Deal and discuss with valid companies or agents.
  7. Keep all payment and conversation records with the seller.
  8. Ensure seller account is not a mule account, check mule account using Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial (CCID)’s Semak Mule at:http://ccid.rmp.gov.my/semakmule/.  To check either the account is used by scammers.


Public just have to be careful.  There are Buyers and Sellers but also Scammers!