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Car Theft Warning

Vehicle Owners to be Vigilant of “Hacking” Keyless Robbers, vehicle gone in 10 seconds

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Vehicle robbers go high tech in stealing vehicles without any signs of forced entry neither broken glass debris nor scratches on the doors or windows.

However, the high-tech vehicle robbers seem to happen only on latest model vehicles which equipped with “Push Button” technology or “keyless system” or “relay system” and “wireless fobs”. There are cases across the globe, new cars can be broken in spade of theft, just in 10 seconds (PSNI, 11.11.2019).

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The keyless system allows vehicle owners to open and start their cars without handling their key.  Meanwhile, the vehicle theft syndicates use GPS Trackers and key-fob replicator devices as the steeling tools. Hi-tech vehicles robbers steal the vehicle while 70% of the victims still had their keys when their vehicles were stolen (The Star, 2.2.2018).

According to City Police Chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim in Kuala Lumpur (The Star, 12.12.2019), the syndicate’s modus operandi was to place GPS tracker on a targeted vehicle and follow it.  The syndicates then use the master key to gain entry into the vehicle, before using the key-fob replicator tool to create a new key-fob before driving away the stolen vehicle.

In order for the syndicate to sell the stolen vehicle, they will tamper the vehicle chassis number then use similar number of existing registered vehicle which has not been stolen, finally sell the stolen vehicle as a clone version.

Pix: The Sun

It is suggested the vehicle owners to protect their vehicle by using steering lock, pedal locks, gear lock, lock the gate all the time or by keeping the vehicles in a garage where possible.