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Our Vision & Mission

Vision - To contribute to the country’s economic and social well being through a collaborative engagement of all stakeholders in the eradication of vehicle theft. Mission - To continuously enhancing cooperation between the public and private sector stakeholders in the effort to deliver a culture and practice of reducing vehicle theft in the country...

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Keep Car Thieves Out

Some take longer, but most can disappear in as little as 60 seconds. Prevent this from happening by using multiple security measures to make your vehicle difficult to steal. The National Insurance Crime Bureau of the United States recommends a “layered approach” to car security. The layers vary according to your vehicle and exposure to risks and will be determined by your budget...

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Reports and News

VTREC in cooperation with PEMANDU, the Performance Management & Delivery Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department, is currently embarking on its laboratory with all its stakeholders in the private as well as in Government sectors to enhance its effort in deterring fraud in vehicle theft. The objective of the laboratory is to define, measures...

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